Friday 11 June 2021

Black Bear Records: Joe Wood, Peter D'Amico, Cornelia MacLeod, Generra

We're onto another niche label, this time one which is - apparently - still somewhat active! As their website notes, Black Bear Records is owned by Peter D'Amico, and has been active since 1982 (or earlier? we've got one of these singles today pegged with a 1981 release date). Black Bear released the Nex'd 12" that we posted a looong time ago, so it's time to add a set of four singles to the mix.

These singles are a mix of country, AOR rock, and skinny tie rock. So a pretty broad range, considering how few singles we have - Cornelia MacLeod's the country (country pop, maybe?), the singles by head honcho Peter D'Amico and Joe Wood are the AOR, and Generra - featuring two members of The Kids! - is the skinny tie rock. 

That said, we quite like the Generra tracks - the A side, "Don't Cut Me," is a definite nod to Men Without Hats, so right up our alley. And over at keyboardist Derek Bullen's reverbnation page, we've grabbed a few more Generra tracks - as well as some of his excellent solo piano work. 

And you can grab the Black Bear singles here (note: our copy of the D'Amico single is super warped on the outer edge - sorry about the bumpy bump for the first 30 seconds!).

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