Monday 7 June 2021

Aura Records: Dwain Sands - I Can't Stay With You (1979), Tom Hawk - Take A Letter Miss Gray (1980), Larry Sands - Hands Of Time (1980), Ron Paxton and the Foothill Stompers - Crooked Stove Pipe (1980)

We'd always had a hunch that the three classic punk singles on Aura Records from the Verdix, Cutz, and Plan Nine were outliers for the label - and here's your proof!

Aura Records was one of two imprints run by Jonathan Sound Productions and Michael Chursinoff. The article below refers as this to their "budget" label - we're not sure what that means. We'll get to some Strawberry stuff, and maybe you'll be able to tell us?

Two of these records are from father and son Larry and Dwain Sands, both of whom appear to still be active musicians. Well, as active as a musician CAN be, in these times.

Check your Aura here!

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