Sunday 23 May 2021

Terry Kushner - One Step (1979), Finally Rockin' (1979), Easy Way Out (1979), Say It Like You Mean It (1980), You Sure Fooled Me (1980)

Okay, continuing on our random 7" trajectory, here are FIVE singles from Aurora Records and Terry Kushner. We presume that Aurora was the precursor to the Doug Wong Music label. It almost seems like the label was created to launch the career or Kushner - there are only nine 7" releases on the label (that we're aware of), tipping the scale in her favour. Oh, there's also a Terry Kushner LP on Aurora. So, uh, yeah.

These singles wouldn't have been far out of place on late 70's/early 80's FM radio. They're slick, pop-rock anchored by Kushner's solid, clear voice. Our favourite track out of this mix is probably "Easy Way Out," which shows up on two of these discs.

Get 'em here!

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