Sunday, 16 May 2021

Happy Feeling - Happy Feeling/If There's A Thought (1968), Good Neighbour Day/See What I Mean? (1970), Still Hill/Four O'Clock (1970)

Honestly, what better thing for a sunny Sunday than some sunny pop/garage rock? Happy Feeling were the foil to the snarl and hiss of the 49th Parallel, their name very much suiting their upbeat, uptemp songs. There's still a garage element to their songs, but tempered by their poppy tendencies. Which on a day like today are more than welcome.

We can't say enough good things about Roy Wilcox's Garage Band Rockers - his book traces the path of the Happy Feeling, recording their first, self-titled single in Mexico with Norman Petty (famous for his work with Buddy Holly and the Crickets), touring across Canada, and ultimately collapsing into a smaller band simply called Feeling. 

Get the Happy Feeling here!

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