Saturday 15 May 2021

Gainsborough Gallery - Little Red Book/Little By Little (1968), If You Knew/Sonny (1968), Hello LA, Bye-Bye Birmingham/Life Is A Song (1969),


So, let's keep going with the garage rock, and add another favourite here at the CCPS: Bacharach & David compositions! Starting as the Sketpics, the Gainsborough Gallery not only copped their name from the local art institution but also (according to Roy Wilcox's Garage Band Rockers) coerced the gallery into also taking their mail.

We've only got one single by the garage rockers in the CCPS collection, but it's a good'er. Their cover of "Little Red Book" is top notch, as is the b-side - these were recorded in Las Vegas at the start of the band's career. A career which had a lot of ups and downs, with the band never quite achieving the heights of peers like the Happy Feeling... who we'll hear from tomorrow. But that's tomorrow. Today, let's dance!

Get it here!

Update! We got out hands on a copy of Gainsborough Gallery's 1969 single "Hello LA, Bye-Bye Birmingham" b/w "Life Is A Song," and we've added it to the download! AND another update - we've also added in a suuuuper noisy copy of "If You Knew" b/w "Sonny." If you're looking for pristine versions, we juts noticed that Norvajak Music has put out a compilation of all the Gainsborough Gallery's studio recordings - it comes with a pretty swell little booklet, as well.

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