Monday 3 May 2021

Drug Sauna - 2% Saunic (2021)

Well! What started as a pretty funny idea - a pretty funny AND well-executed idea, that is - has really grown legs. We think Drug Sauna grew out of the weirdo weekend that is Vantopia, with two attending weirdos coming up with the concept of playing stoner rock IN a van. With a whole lotta smoke. It sounds hilarious, and having experienced a back alley Drug Sauna show during Sled Island a couple of years ago, we can confirm that it is hilarious.

Following up on their 12" picture disc from last year, the guys have hooked up with a new, US-based label for an expanded cassette release. Which, suckers that we are, we had to grab. Padding out the three tracks from the original 12" are an extra doomy version of "Razamanaz" and an untitled track with backwards vocals. We're not sure what they're saying, but we had a strange urge to order a bunch of shirts from Twinbat Sticker Co. after listening to this.

Get the tape (or the picture disc, if you're so inclined) from the Drug Sauna store.

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