Tuesday 4 May 2021

Coo(hi)kie - Come Pretty Pump Sleep (2021)

We got super-excited when we found out that Kerry Maguire's Glow Code label was putting out another tape - and we got all the more excited when we found out that Coo(hi)kie (or CoOkie?) is the new project of Nicole Brunel. We really enjoyed her stuff with Puberty, Friendo, and Topless Mongos - so we weren't ready for this great mix of synthpop and experimental electronica. It's hard not to compare this to Kerry Maguire's Wish Lash, but we're smart enough to recognize that's probably because we're lazy about comparisons. The standout for us on this is the closing track, "Chart - The Andalopes," a great slice of electronica dream pop - it's maybe a reach, but it has a 4AD/This Mortal Coil feel to it that we quite, quite like.

Get Coo(hi)kie via the Glow Code bandcamp

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