Monday, 17 May 2021

Chandells - One Track Mind/Tired Of Waiting (1978)

Well, here's a great slice of garage rock that kind of took us for a loop. We assumed this was a 60's release, but Discogs throws us a date of 1978. And this is a band that doesn't show up in our new Bible, Garage Band Rockers. Thankfully the Herald has the scoop with a clipping from 1978. The Chandells started in 1962 and - as the article below tells it - had a reasonable run. Our favourite part of the story is where they lose Terry David Mulligan as their manager after he promotes them on the air (memo to selves: track TDM's connection to the 60's Calgary rock scene):

This single was recorded after the band played a series of reunion shows in the late 70's - and is quite excellent. But then, we're massive fans of the Kinks - and the Chandells' cover of "Tired Of Waiting" is spot on.

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