Friday 14 May 2021

49th Parallel - Labourer/You Do Things (1967), Blue Bonnie Blue/Missouri (1968), Laborer/You Do Things (1968), Twilight Woman/Close the Barn Door (1969)

We were trying to figure out where to start with the giant pile of 45s we've amassed at the CCPS offices... and what better place to start than with some top notch garage rock? If we're turning further into the past, why not dig into some bona fide Nuggets with the 49th Parallel?

We HOPE you're aware of the 49th Parallel - if not, we suggest this excellent summary from the Revolution Rock CJAM radio show/blog, or downloading a copy of Roy Wilcox's amazingly thorough Garage Band Rockers history of 60's and 70's Alberta rock. Originally called the Shades of Blond, the band changed their name to their northern-evoking moniker and put out a slew of absolute classics of CanCon garage rock. Guitarist Danny Lowe carried on after the band in a bunch of others including Painter, Hammersmith, Prototype, and 451° - and also being the inventor of Q Sound.

Close the Barn Door!

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