Wednesday 28 April 2021

Substance - Infectious (1993)

Huge thanks to Jody Alexander for getting in touch with us to (a) give us a better quality version of the Discatch tape he played on and (b) pass us this tape from the project that came after that. He also passed along a bit of background on the bands:

As you know, Discatch was different from everything else coming out of Calgary in the early 90s: danceable electronica. The hilarious part to me was that our 1992 album, "Mind the Gap," was recorded and produced by Richard Harrow at Living Room Studios (looking back, we were quite a departure for Richard, whose engineering credits included Gordon Lightfoot, Ry Cooder, and Ian Tyson). 

A year after "Mind the Gap" came out, we added a guitarist to the mix and the band changed its name to Substance. Our first album, "Infectious", came out in 1993. Whie it was a bit heavier than our last one, we managed to do a few shows, and were played at places like The Warehouse and Venom.

Substance was me (Jody Alexander) on vocals and keyboards, Chris Wiebe on drums and programming, and Lock Fulton on guitars. Like the previous album, it was recorded and mixed at Richard Harrow's studio. All of the songs were written and programmed by us, except for "Puppets", which is an old Depeche Mode cover.

AND he also dug up a review of the tape by the infamous James Muretich:

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