Monday 5 April 2021

Men Without Saddles - Men Without Saddles (1985)

Alright! Let's get back into some substance! This next Sundae Sound single (also on a Doug Wong Music sublabel) is from Stew Tarrant and his Men Without Saddles. Rob Bartlett tells us that Tarrant's father was a former big wig in the Calgary Police Service, which makes this off-colour ode to the Stampede all the better. At some point in the coming year, we're going to do a feature on songs of the Stampede - honestly, they're not usually as entertaining as this one. Don't believe us? Here's what the great James Muretich had to say about it:

Oh, and Tarrant was also manager of the great Kelly's Electronic World. We'll maybe forgive him for singing the CD's praises in this article:


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