Friday 2 April 2021

Kunkel Brothers - No One's Ever Seen, Rain (1989)


Today's pair of Sundae Sound singles is a nice break - we can tell you something about 'em! Thankfully the name Kunkel rang a bell (or something) for Gene, and he correctly guessed a linkage to local 70's country act the Drylanders (if anyone has a copy of their Live at Spy Hill Jail LP, we want a copy!!). Trevor Kunkel is the son of Drylanders bassist Larry Kunkel - so these songs come from a proven lineage. And not just that - the Kunkel family business was legit: they ran local-ish attraction the Great Canadian Barn Dance.

Get down here!

Update: We found the sleeve for "No One's Every Seen" while digging at Recordland! Wooo!

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