Wednesday 17 March 2021

Adventure In Paradise - You'll Never Know (1983), You'll Never Know (1984), Somewhere Far Away (1985), I Don't Want Anybody Else But You (1985)


Next up on the list from Sundae Sound is a pair of singles from Doug Wong-produced pop duo Adventures in Paradise. Rob Bartlett called them Calgary's answer to Abba, which is maybe overstating their sound: they're not anywhere near as bombastic and Eurovision-y as the Swedish quartet, but they're still quality, female-voiced 80's pop. And the band did have a reasonable degree of success; they put out three singles and an LP on Quality Records. 

Get it here! (Update: we've added two more Adventures In Paradise singles to the download, including the Quality release of You'll Never Know!)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these, I have only heard You'll Never Know, so thank you!