Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Karen Cunningham - Songs By Karen Cunningham (1991)

Ah! We're not through the Sundae Sound content! We actually have stuff from TWO MORE BOXES in the wings. But first, we're going to catch up with a few tapes that have come into the CCPS collection in recent months. And the first of those was, well, recorded at Sundae Sound (and produced by Rob Bartlett)!

We tried to find out a bit more about Karen Cunningham, but kind of hit a dead end - other than ads for her and her band playing around town at venues like the Highlander Hotel's Royal Scot Ballroom. Also, our scanner could not process the neon green paper this cover is printed on - we could have taken a photo, but we're lazy. And Gene's no help with this one - he says this tape makes him want to go listen to early Kirsty MacColl Records.

Maybe it's the hair?

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