Tuesday 23 February 2021

Antisocial Club - 7 Songs/Live at CJSW (2020)

Medicine Hat's Wasted Wax has been putting out a pile of great stuff in recent years (don't sleep on their Spastic Panthers comp or the new ep from River Jacks spin off Quit It!), and somehow we missed grabbing a copy of this posthumous tape from Antisocial Club last year. Oh, yeah, we know why we missed this - the pandemic. 

The A side of this tape was recorded in 2007 with Casey Lewis; the B side is from CJSW circa 2005. In some ways the trio's brash punk feels like it's absolutely from that era, but in other ways it kind of feels timeless. Antisocial Club is a juggernaut, with songs crashing through at breakneck speeds, clocking in at two minutes max. Amazing.

The physical tape is limited to 50 copies, available via Wasted Wax; downloads are at the Antisocial Club bandcamp.

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