Wednesday 13 January 2021

Ronnie King - What Goes Around Comes Around

Another Sundae Sound tape, and one which we're not confused by! Especially after reading the Herald article below! This is a fun collection of covers (mostly? entirely? damnit, we thought we had this one!) by former Stampeders bassist Ronnie King and his band which, judging from the article below, was probably playing around town in the late 80's after King had returned to Calgary. The whole affair kicks off with the infectious classic, "Don't You Just Know It," and includes at least a couple of Stampeders tracks as well. 

Get this tape here!


GlucoseGrin said...

Different Ronnie King - King the bass player from The Stampeders is not the same dude as the keyboard player.

Gene Poole said...

D'oh! Thanks for setting us straight!