Friday 8 January 2021

Ian Tyson - Sundae Sound Tape


We haven't had opportunity to feature the legendary Ian Tyson at the CCPS... until now! In the Sundae Sound boxes were three tapes - two official Tyson releases (1989's I Outgrew the Wagon and 1999's Lost Herd, both recorded at Sundae Sound) which we won't be posting (you can get them via Spotify) as well as an archival tape with three tracks. Tyson spent a fair amount of time at Sundae Sound, recording at least five albums there. Maybe more? 

We're not sure of the year on this archival tape, but two of these tracks are from Tyson's 1994 release, Eighteen Inches of Rain. We can't find any reference to the third track, "House In The Hills" - which means we have absolutely nothing of value to add today. 

To make things worse, after careful consideration, no download for this one - out of respect for the artist.


Dave Horrocks said...

We cut a bunch of demos when Ian was building up to the 18 Inches of Rain album. This is definitely from that time. That may be the demo for what was originally titled "House on the Hill," but I think may have become "Old House" on the final album.

Anonymous said...

My band from the 90s, The New Grand recorded our 2nd album there with Dave Alcock. Glorious times.