Sunday 27 December 2020

Vince - Hello, my name is... (1992)

Huge thanks to the inimitable Kari Watson for passing this tape our way - it's one from a band we have no recollection of, despite the pretty amazing list of people in it. We think this is the first bona fide Russ Broom band we've ever featured, somehow - we all know he would go on to fame as, among other things, making records and playing with Jann Arden. And Pat McGannon and Brent Kawchuk would go on to entertain legions with the Dino Martinis. 

Which probably should mean that Vince comes as little surprise in terms of (a) the quality of musicianship and (b) it's level of fun. From the opening "Peace Poser," the tone is set - this is tight, but not uptight. Broom's guitar playing is phenomenal (did we expect anything else?), and the songs are solid but don't take themselves too seriously. And kudos to Kari Watson for preserving the promo sticker that came with the tape:

Give Vince a listen here.

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