Saturday 26 December 2020

No False Suns - Jubilee Me (2020)

As we close out 2020 and have a bit of time on our hands, we're going to kick the old CCPS tape-posting machine back into operation. And for good reason - Kevin Stebner, one of our favourites, has given us a copy of the tape from their new pandemic project. And it's super good.

No False Suns sees Stebner treading new ground - this isn't the post-hardcore of Prepared, it's not the ragged folk rock of Cold Water, nor is it the glitchy electronica of Greyscreen. It's ten intrumental tracks that follow the same type of groove as Yo La Tengo's quiter moments (think "Saturday" or "Tired Hippo") - these have a deeply meditative feel that's perfect for decompressing and listening to during long walks in the snow. Layers of shimmering guitars, sparse drums, and occasional keyboards make this a highly recommended listen.

Get the digital version via the No False Suns bandcamp

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