Tuesday 29 December 2020

James Keelaghan - My Skies (1993)

We're about to get a bit... niche (to put it mildly) at with our posts in the next while, but FIRST we're going to clear through a few more tapes that we've picked up over the past year. Starting with this, James Keelaghan's 1993 release. We think we've said most of what we're able to with our prior posts about this great songwriter, so we'll turn it over to James Muretich, from his Herald article which, uh, heralded the release of this tape:

Our favourite piece of the article is this quote from Keelaghan: "The alternative rock scene functions in much the same way as the folk scene: in small, dark clubs somewhere out of the way, places you have to really look for but when you find them the music's great." Cheers to that!

No download for My Skies, as it's available via Spotify.

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