Thursday, 5 November 2020

Slow Kids Playing Fast - A Last Hooray (1998)

Here's a second tape from the Boat Dreams From The Hill archive, and a nice follow-up to the first Slow Kids Playing Fast tape that we posted... AND, dumdums we are, we now see that someone had very nicely pointed us to the BDFtH website in the comments on that page FOUR YEARS AGO. If nothing else, we at the CCPS excel at missing obvious clues.

Chris van der Laan has some amazingly honest notes to accompany this tape:

The second tape Slow Kids Playing Fast released in 1998, I'm pretty sure the original run was in the neighborhood of 90 copies. Not changing their name was probably a bad move as they decided emo with typical random angsty outbursts was their true calling on this release and only even bothered pretending to be fast on a couple of the tape's nine tracks. Their friend Bryce recorded four of these songs in his basement, the rest were once again done by the same disinterested engineer that recorded their first tape in his trailer. This tape doesn't hold up as well as their first, the band apparently had never heard of "digital clipping" and it sometimes gets in the way of the songs, which are about as memorable as you'd expect coming from people between the ages of 15 and 17.

Oof. Get the tape on the Boat Dreams From The Hill website

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Unknown said...

I have this tape. My friend Peter Pivovarov was a member (drums I think).