Monday 2 November 2020

If I Look Strong; You Look Strong - Entropy (2019)




Well, here's a good and excessive thing. In however many years of the CCPS, we have yet to feature a DOUBLE cassette. Thankfully, the manic mind of Noah Michael and If I Look Strong; You Look Strong have scratched that itch we didn't know we had.

These tapes give If Look Strong; You Look Strong all the more space for their genre-skipping approach. Playing almost all of the instruments on this, Michael bashes through math rock, screamo, ambient, anthemic punk, and... jazz fusion? Seriously, we're pretty sure that's where the sprawling, 19-minute closing track, "The Ultimate Fate of the Universe…? Heat Death" heads for a short bit. It's weird, over-the -top, and jubilant.

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