Tuesday 3 November 2020

Eine Kleine China - Feels Industry (2017)


Here's another bandcamp discovery - and a very happy one. Eine Kleine China is a one-person (mostly) electronica project that we weren't previously familiar with. 

Coming to us via Vancouver label Boat Dreams From the Hill (run by former Calgarian Chris van der Laan), this tape is a nice bounce through experimental electronica, minimal wave, and synthpop. These are short pieces, but meatier than throwaway doodles. Our favourite tracks on here strangely remind us of minimalist versions of Chicago experimentalists Tortoise - especially "Big Data" and the almost eponymously-titled "Eine Kleine Human Fly."

Huge thanks to Eine Kleine China for getting this into our grubby hands (well, mailbox). You can grab the download via their bandcamp.

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