Wednesday 4 November 2020

Crimson Grind - Simply Tolerated (1997)


While we were chasing after yesterday's Eine Kleine China tape, the band pointed us to the treasure trove that is the Other Stuff page on their label's website. Huge thanks to former Calgarian Chris van der Laan and his Boat Dreams From the Hill label for putting up a bunch of great archival tapes, records, and CDs. We're gonna shamelessly pilfer that page for our own, not-so-great archive!

First up is Crimson Grind, and thankfully Chris has provided this bit of background:

My memory is hazy on this one. Justin agreed to play bass for Slow Kids Playing Fast if I could play bass for his heavy metal band. We rehearsed these 4 songs a few times and booked a few hours at a local studio (EK was the name, I believe). We recorded live and Justin did vocals afterwards while Dave and I sat on the floor in the control room with our friend Nick, who would've been the bass player if he had figured out how to play bass. Pretty sure Justin and Dave's parents were with us. It was my first time in a recording studio, good times.

Get it via the Boat Dreams From The Hill website

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