Friday 30 October 2020

Traveler - Termination Shock (2020)

One of the things about being shut in this year is that we've been going a bit squirrely with not being able to get out to live shows. To make up for it, we've been trawling through Bandcamp and trying to find tapes and discover new bands. So, this one!

Not being metal guys here at the CCPS (DESPITE Gene having grown up in Rundle), we haven't had a lot of visibility into that side of our city's scene. Thankfully, we can turn to the Encyclopaedia Metallum for the low-down - which tells us that we're late to the party, and this is Traveler's second full-length. BUT we have enough of an ear to tell us that these guys are mining the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound of bands like Judas Priest - without sounding like copycats. Soaring vocals and driving riffs make this an epic journey we're more than happy to take.

Get it (tape, LP or download) via the Traveler bandcamp.

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