Thursday 27 August 2020

Vernal Season - Vernal Season (1997)

Brendan Tincher of the Neckers/Pygmies/Jeans Degrees made good on a long-standing promise/threat, and gave us a couple of tapes of the band that preceded the Neckers.

This is the first of 'em, and, sure, it sounds like a bunch of high school pals playing for shits and giggles - 'cos that's probably what it was. But Vernal Season is pretty good - Bil Hetherington's voice and delivery are already solid, and the band is tight. The only questionable inclusion is a five-minute power ballad. Very happily, this isn't something any of the following Hetherington/Blood/Tincher bands were known for.

Guess those power ballads went... out of season!

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