Tuesday 25 August 2020

Basic Black - Envy The Dead (1990)

Corey Hamilton sent along a second Basic Black tape, so... here it is! This tape sees the band paring back to a threesome (we assume Randy Burton was off playing with the mighty Ded Souls by this time), but one that's no less powerful. Despite this pointedly negative review in VOX:

Please note also that there's a negative review of the Wheat Chiefs in here, along with a somewhat positive review of the Barenaked Ladies. Maybe they had been sniffing too much glue that month?

Or maybe they were just envious.


zdlrragefan said...
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zdlrragefan said...

hey the track missing "Insect"

Gene Poole said...

The tracks are mislabeled! Track 4 should be Insect. Our tape only has three tracks on the first side - but the j-card lists four?!

zdlrragefan said...