Wednesday 26 August 2020

21st Inheritance - Swamp Production Demo (1991)

We just updated our post on Red Autumn Fall precursor Playground Treason with some amazing history from Greg Williams, who recently reached out to us. He also passed along this demo and memories of his next project, 21st Inheritance. Greg writes:
Over the spring and summer of ’90 I moved on to form 21st Inheritance with Dave Berezan (bass). We knew each other from the Warehouse and The Republik, and we were joined by John Bland (drums). John and I were from Oakridge, and we’d both attended Wise Wood; we jammed in John’s dad’s basement.
That was short lived, and the three of us found rental rehearsal space at Swamp Productions at 116 Forge Road S.E. in Fairview. We auditioned a couple of vocalists before finding Chris Stevenson – another Wise Wood alumnus. We recorded a demo tape that we delivered to Wes Hegg, and a comment from Wes led me to believe it was Chris’s vocals that landed us two 1991 shows at the Westward Club, once opening for my old bandmates Red Autumn Fall on April 11 and another show on May 31 opening for The Grain, Windwalker and One Fell Swoop.


Vocalist Chris Stevenson in the sound booth of Swamp Productions.

Bass player David Berezan in the booth.

Guitarist Greg Wililams, likely putting out a cigarette.

Drummer John Bland.

Shortly after, to accommodate Chris’s impending move to New York to attend acting school, 21st Inheritance disbanded. I jammed with John a few times, tried to find someone else to work with, but finally decided there were those who could play the guitar, and those who really just wished they could. I was in the latter camp.
Greg tells us that while he have up the guitar, 21st Inheritance drummer John Bland went on to play with bands in Vancouver and Chris Stevenson fronted a few bands out east. It's bassist David Berezan that we find pretty fascinating - he's gone on to an accomplished career as a composer and academic. If you want a rabbit hole to fall down, we suggest digging into his amazing SoundRunner project.

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