Wednesday 8 April 2020

Rayovaq - Tendency To Sway (2000)

Favourite records are a weird thing. We find that it's hard to pull apart if our love of a record comes from the music or the memories associated with when we first heard that record (or a combination of both). This Rayovaq CD is a favourite of ours, and while we love the music, we also love that when we put it on, we're instantly taken back to the late 90's and later nights at the Night Gallery. Yup, it's a bit of both in this case. We usually don't listen right through most CDs as we're posting them, but this one we did. Sigh.

We posted Rayovaq's first tape over ten years ago, so it's been a bit of a long game getting to this. Call this mopey indie rock, call it quiet-loud-quiet-loud rock, we don't care. Barb Noad's sweet whispering vocals, Derek McEwan's subtle-to-ferocious guitar, and a super solid rhythm section... we loved this band.

There's been a lot of hyperbole in this post, more than usual. So what? Go grab this one.

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