Wednesday 15 April 2020

Dry Fisted - In God We Thrust (2000)

There's a good possibility that we've got the year on this CDr wrong. We have no idea who Dry Fisted were, and are unable to provide any more details about this hardcore band, since their myspace page is, well, on myspace.

Get it here.


Ian said...

I remember Dry Fisted. One of the members worked as a bartender at Watchman's. He gave me a CD but I don't think it was a CD-R. I recall a fist on the cover, but it's pretty blurry. This probably would've been '03 or so.

Stevecrowe said...

Dave mcAuley and he's in a band now called mandible klaw

Anonymous said...

Dave went into Crystal mess with Marty Chatrin and Colin Pain from Six Feet under and Colins friend Farron Draper on vocs