Sunday 29 March 2020

Zuckerbaby - Platinum Again/Overexposure (2000)

Here's a two-fer post for your Sunday (we'll get to the reason why later - we SWEAR it's not just b/c we're lazy). Pat of why this is following on yesterday's Lorrie Matheson-related post is that Zuckerbaby frontman Andy Eichhorn had been busy working on a solo album before all this COVID kookiness.

Anyways, what's there to say about Zuckerbaby that we haven't said before (and that isn't mean-spirited bullshit)? Platinum Again is a solid set of powerpop, anchored by the extra-solid "Overexposure":

Oh, and that Overexposure CD single we picked up from Recordland years ago? Turns out it's actually the full Platinum Again CD, just with different disc art. Weird.

Anyways, since we don't want to get shut down by whatever is left of the Universal Music Group., you can go give this a listen on Zuckerbaby's Spotify.

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