Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Sensual Spasmo - Tender Gore Is Fleeting To A Zipper Left Agape/Hot Bewitch In Heat (2020)

Here's a question we never thought we would ask: have you ever thought to yourself, "man, I LOVE Bog Bodies, but I wish I could get a tape with JUST the weird audio bits between songs (and full colour weirdo artwork)!" Well, if you have, please seek help and/or continue to read this post!

We found these kind of by accident when cruising bandcamp last Friday, trying to buy as many tapes as we could (which sadly wasn't as many as we would have liked) to support independent local musicians in this weird time. We're pretty sure this is the work of half of Bog Bodies, Ivo Musa, and we're certain that it's strange. This is somewhat disturbing audio collage - maybe we're too early into our self-isolation to fully enjoy this. We'll save the handy instructions that came with these tapes for when we are:

Get these two tapes (and a staggering number of others) at the Sensual Spasmo bandcamp.

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