Sunday 22 March 2020

Sarah Davachi - All My Circles Run (2019)

We were very excited to find this tape on a recent trip to - of all places - Salt Lake City (Peasantries + Pleasantries is one of the most gorgeous record store/homes we've ever been in). We've been a big fan of Sarah Davachi for years, and have been thrilled to watch this Calgary-born composer's international recognition and success. 

This tape is a re-release of a 2017 album that saw Davachi departing from her usual synthesizer-centred pieces, presenting five compositions each primarily focused on a particular acoustic instrument. Davachi's masterful skill at presenting texture and tone is on full display with these ambient works. For those of us that saw her 2017 set at Knox United (on pipe organ and with string trio), this tape captures some of that magic. 

Looks like this tape is sold out, but you can get the download via Sarah Davachi's bandcamp.

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