Wednesday 18 March 2020

River Jacks - Live at SBC (2019)

These are weird times right now, BUT the benefit of social distancing is that we're finally able to get caught up on a stack of things we've been meaning to post. We'll start with this tape that road warriors the River Jacks released last year. You're probably familiar with the River Jacks' brand of punk, blending what we like to call "Knucklehead punk" with, well, accordion. Oh, and look, this live tape includes a Knucklehead cover! Along with a pair of Beastie Boys tunes. Wear your influences on your sleeve and be proud of them, we say.

We're not sure where to direct you for this tape. We got it from the band at one of their usually ubiquitous shows, but it's not on their bandcamp (yet).

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