Thursday 19 March 2020

Iron Tusk - Dark Spirit EP/The Burning (2018)

We were very, very sad to hear that this year's Moments Fest has been cancelled. It  was finally looking like we'd get out to Siksika to check it out, but... dammit. 

At least we have this pair of tapes from Iron Tusk (featuring Moments Fest organizer Carlin Black Rabbit) to fill that void. Why are we posting two tapes at once? Well, it turns out the second is all the songs on the first plus one. A cunning strategy; considering we bought these two tapes along with a copy of the 7" version of the first tape, we effectively bought the same recording three times in different formats. What a bunch of nerds we are. 

Anyways, these tapes are three or four songs of doomy metal and hard rock. We like how there's a ragged, almost frantic feeling to some of these songs - almost like the band is being chased by something and just barely keeping ahead. 

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