Monday, 23 December 2019

Sunglaciers - Foreign Bodies (2019)

We're not sure how/why this has happened, but suddenly we're in the position of posting THREE tapes by a band in one year, and for once it's not a Craig Storm-related band. We had bought Sunglaciers' excellent new LP earlier this year, but they've just put it out on tape as well, and we're suckers for well-packaged things like this (silver metallic cassette! acetate insert for the j-card art!). Plus, as we may have mentioned, this album is quite excellent (don't believe us? CJSW has this pegged at #4 on their Best of 2019 list).

Each release from Sunglaciers sees them getting sharper and tighter, and this tape - the first with Helen Young on synth - is, uh, sharper and tighter still. This inhabits a happy space that's somewhere between power pop and shoegaze - "For What" is our pick for one of the best Calgary tracks of the year. But here's another sample from the album, opener "Through the Screen":

As of right now, only the LP or download are available from the Sunglaciers bandcamp; keep your eyes in your local record shops for the fancy cassette.

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