Thursday 3 October 2019

Pill Crusher/Geoff - SPL/TS (2019)

Ah, our old nemesis, the split cassette. How do we meaningfully talk about this, especially when the bands on each side are kinda different but also really good?

Screw it, we're going with Geoff's side first. Geoff is propelled largely by the amazingly loud guitar of former Placebo/Breathe Knives noisemonger Kieran McAuley. This is excellent, heavy stuff, with the lead track, "My Heart Blisters When You Are Near" setting the bar pretty high for the rest of the tape.

Good thing it's Pill Crusher they're paired with - we've already declared our like for this band and their 90s revival sounds (is that a thing now?). This trio have been honing their craft since their first tape, and their Dinosaur Jr-esque sludge pop is a fitting contrast to Geoff's side of the tape.

We really like how the bands each cover a Hüsker Dü song at the end of their side of the tape to help tie things together; we like even better that they're Grant Hart-penned selections.

Looks like you can grab the download from either the Geoff or Pill Crusher bandcamp, depending on your mood.

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