Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Lucid 44 - Sunday at Rosie's (2019)

Of all the important things that Kevin Stebner and his Bart Records do, one of the things we most appreciate it their issuance of new Lucid 44 recordings. Mark Overland is quite possibly one of the most overlooked and underappreciated. We always default to the tag "sad bastard folk" when describing this band, but some of these songs really haul - "Love Octagon" is full of boogie in a, well, sad bastard sort of way. Good thing there are tracks like the quiet "Sleep (26)" to temper things.

Looks like there's an excellent CJSW session from a year ago on the youtube, featuring a bit of older stuff as well as this tapes "Midnight Move":

At the time of writing, this wasn't up on the Lucid 44 bandcamp (maybe because the official release is a few days away?) - but you can do what we did, and grab a copy at your local record store.

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