Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Shinolas - Radio Beasts (1999)

We hate to play favourites here at the CCPS, but we do. At least we can admit it. And we're also self-aware enough to know that probably none of you care about the genius that we saw in the Shinolas.

So we're glad we have this CD to give us this platform for our weird fetish. We always had a soft spot for the Guided By Voices-ish approach they took to disposable, catchy guitar pop. We think these are re-recorded versions of songs from their multitude of tapes. Kind of a greatest hits package - so maybe if you've been trying to figure out what the hell we're on about, this may be an okay place to start.

Oh, and here's a random article about the Rat's Nest Recording Collective (from the Straight, April '99), which drummer Tom Atkinson was a key part of:

Grab the download here.

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