Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Massive Ferguson - Tractivore (1999)

Heh. Massive Ferguson. Yes, we know - Calgary is a schtick band town. But sometimes, that schtick is pretty damn good. Like the Forbidden Dimension. Early Von Zippers. And, yes, Massive Ferguson. Come one - Hutterites and a clown playing sludgy metal? So good.

This CD is a bunch of re-recorded songs from their earlier tapes (if there's one thing the Hayden brothers like doing, it's recording - check out their bandcamp as a testament to this, especially Purple Grain, their amazing Prince tribute) in a slick digital format. Along with the usual nonsense - the bonus tracks on this are especially... something. In the 90's, that 74-minute CD length was a hard drug to shake.

Get massive here.

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