Sunday 29 September 2019

Dial Ups - Hangups (2019)

Seems like a good day to start into the small stack of tapes on our desk here at the CCPS. This one is sitting at the top of the pile - three quick blasts of mod rock from the Dial Ups, which is kind of a continuation of Daaren Boreham's prior project(s). The Dial Ups keeps Boreham paired with Garden Party keyboardist Rosemary Stewart, and adds in bassist Alana Thibault and drummer Glen Beauchamp (who we last saw in the fantastic Synthetiques). We're kind of sad that this is so short, and only includes on of the band's originals (which is solid), but the pair of well-chosen covers - tracks originally by Q65 and the Miracle Workers - highlight the Dial Ups' 60s revival sound.

Like many of Boreham's projects, this one has a limited internet presence (okay, they are on the Instagram). We're not sure where to get this tape (other than from the band themselves).

Edit: sounds like you might be able to get this at Blackbyrd...

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