Friday 30 August 2019

New 1-2 - In Case of Emergence (1999)

Back to the CDs, with a post which is kind of timely. Or timeless? This is the second CD from the New 1-2, which we'd already kind of posted before (as is our wont), but which makes it not less remarkable.

Our biggest reason for being excited about this post, though, is the recent release of a brand new, self-titled release from P5 - and the announcement of a Calgary show on September 7 (P5 has been sequestered in Edmonton for the past bunch of years, as y'all know). Anyways, as we gear up for that show, it's a good time to dig into this tasty morsel - and a couple of articles from the Straight and ffwd from July and November of 1999, respectively.

We've been flipping through old copies of the Straight at the Central Library, and,well... we forgot how questionable some of their cover photos/concepts were. Still, very much worth the read. Though we still don't hear the Jawbox sound in this CD. All we hear is the glorious sound of two Primrods. And another dude.

Maybe you do?

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