Saturday, 31 August 2019

Earthquake Pills - General Happiness (1999)

Well, I guess we couldn't post something featuring two former Primrods without following up with two former Wagbeards. Yup, time for the Earthquake Pills' second CD, which always felt more realized than their first. Maybe it's just our imagination?

That article from ffwd kind of tells us why it seems so different from their first release; more relaxed recording, a star-studded cast... and some great songs. And some great song titles. "Old 1-2"? Ouch!

Get happy!

Friday, 30 August 2019

New 1-2 - In Case of Emergence (1999)

Back to the CDs, with a post which is kind of timely. Or timeless? This is the second CD from the New 1-2, which we'd already kind of posted before (as is our wont), but which makes it not less remarkable.

Our biggest reason for being excited about this post, though, is the recent release of a brand new, self-titled release from P5 - and the announcement of a Calgary show on September 7 (P5 has been sequestered in Edmonton for the past bunch of years, as y'all know). Anyways, as we gear up for that show, it's a good time to dig into this tasty morsel - and a couple of articles from the Straight and ffwd from July and November of 1999, respectively.

We've been flipping through old copies of the Straight at the Central Library, and,well... we forgot how questionable some of their cover photos/concepts were. Still, very much worth the read. Though we still don't hear the Jawbox sound in this CD. All we hear is the glorious sound of two Primrods. And another dude.

Maybe you do?

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Darryl's Grocery Bag/Guilt Trip/One Shot Left - Wet Feet (1998)

If a CD has three bands on it, is it a compilation CD? Or a split CD? We're so confused. But we do know that having one Calgary band of three keeps this from being a miscellany post. Along with Olds' Darryl's Grocery Bag and Medicine Hat's One Shot Left, Guilt Trip (or Guilttrip?) pack this CD full of what we can only call music befitting the Meter Records label.

To make up for that lame description, we'll point you to Interpunk for a good band bio, and then usher you on to the download.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Shiver - Magenta Automatic (1998)

So, we already made fun of this band (A LOT) when we posted their tape, so now that we're posting their CD, we'll be more respectful.


Or maybe we'll just post this cover story from the late, great FFWD, which may show hint at why the band was derided by some in town:

Or maybe making fun of Shiver was just... fashionable?

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Kybosh - splendordrop (1996)

A few years ago, we were puzzling about the connection between Poplydia and the Ingredients. We're probably no wiser about that connection, BUT now we have another piece in the puzzle in the form of this CD from Kybosh. We think we kind of remember Kybosh - at least the name? Anyways, we're not sure what to call this - late era grunge? Post-grunge? Not really grunge but it's from the mid-90's and it's guitar rock?

Find out for yourself here.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Reduced to Clear - Untied (1994)

Update on the CCPS office CD player: it turns out Gene fixed the issue with the player not reading/playing CDs, but did something bad to the open/close mechanism. While he's off trying to sort that out, we'll post this CD from Reduced to Clear, who wisely ditched the 2 in their name since their cassette release. What hasn't changed, though, is the band's grungy rock sound.

Get reduced here.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Mozart's Rage - Re-Composed (1993)

We're going to be digging back into the CCPS CD collection for a bit, partially in celebration of Gene Poole fixing the office CD player over the weekend.

Mozart's Rage is a band we hadn't heard of until Tona Ohama name-dropped them as one of his picks for the Calgary Songs Project. This CD maybe isn't the best place to start into the electropop band's catalogue, being an EP of remixes, but then we've never really been ones to do things in a logical order. To make up for it, we'll post this amazing episode of Shaw Cable's Mobile Music Machine:

Despite Mozart's Rage, we're still just... oh, just grab the download.