Friday 12 July 2019

Thee Leaders - Thee Leaders

We got this tape from Tiemen Kuipers last summer, and he promised he'd send some info. Which he hasn't yet, and dammit, we need to clean our desk off. So here it is - a tape without a proper label, without a j-card... hell, this one didn't even have a case. So we were a bit worried.

But it's actually pretty entertaining - we think The Leaders are from somewhere in the mid- to late-90s, and they play a pretty hilarious, primal garage rock. Kind of like the Mummies - lots of energy, not a lot of refinement. The tape was probably recorded on a basic tape deck in their practice space, if we were to guess. We quite like this - but maybe only because there aren't many (any?) bands doing this type of thing in town right now.

Scratch that itch here.


WGH said...
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WGH said...

Amazing to hear this - I remember Joel from Squidmail Fanzine mentioning this band, and then one day at the Night Gallery I saw a group of mods guys in parkas and girls dressed like the 60s doing some insane herky jerk dancing to whatever track the DJ (probably Djewel) was playing & someone said it was Thee Leaders and it all has seemed like one crazy fever dream until I came across this post.