Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dark Time - Dark Time (2018)

Turns out, if you wait too long to pick up a band's tape, by the time you get it... AND by the time you get around to posting it, the band's membership may shift a bit. Or, in the case of Dark Time, a lot. The current lineup retains only frontperson Cayley O'Neill and keyboardist Eric Heitmann, but that's a lot of trainspotting for whatever day this is.

We really like Dark Time's sound. If you can imagine the singer from Peach Kelli Pop fronting a dreampop band, that's what you get. Kind of. Speaking of which, where did this raft of dreampop bands in Calgary come from? We're not complaining, we're just... confused. And kind of pleased, especially with Dark Time - this is really good stuff, and their new lineup is killer.

Get the download from the Dark Time bandcamp, score the tape from one of their shows.

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