Saturday 18 May 2019

Hot Little Rocket - Laika (1999)

We went looking for our copy of this CD last week, as part of the warm up ritual for tonight's Hot Little Rocket reunion show, and had a fair amount of panic when we couldn't find it in with our healthy stock of Calgary CDs. Turns out it was sitting in a big pile of CDs that are waiting to be posted because they've magically hit the 20-year old mark, thus making them eligible for CCPS action. Which is good, because it's pretty much the only way we can bring in any new historical posts at this point.

So, Hot Little Rocket, eh? If any Calgary band should have been huge, it was HLR. Over their career they flirted with success (recording with Steve Albini? Touring China? Come on!), but never quite  We keep going back to this CD in particular - the combination of angular but somehow blurry guitars, Andrew Wedderburn's yip-yowl vocals, and the smooth as butter drumming of Joel Nye make it one our our all time favourite things to come out of this city. And they only got better with time.

Apparently this is on a bunch of streaming services, but you know what? Screw it. Have the download anyways.

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Great post, thanks.