Thursday, 18 April 2019

Various Artists - Descension/Ascension (2019)

Last month, three of our favourite local electronic artists got in a car (we assume it was a 1987 CRX - or maybe a fleet of CRXs?) and did a tour across the prairies. To support/document the trip, Deep Sea Mining Syndicate put out this tape, with two tracks from each artist: Carbolizer, Corinthian, and Wish Lash.

We've made a pretty big deal of Corinthian already, and just posted some of Wish Lash's great work, so let's talk about how great Carbolizer is, okay? Carbolizer is the project of Adam Fox, and while his full-length LP from last year veers into synth pop territory (which, to be honest, is one of our favourite territories), the two tracks on this tape are more ambient and experimental, in a vein that is not too dissimilar from Corinthian. The standout track for us on here is Carbolizer's "Erie," which sounds like Corinthian covering Depeche Mode. Or something.

Get it via the DSMS bandcamp; you also might be able to pick up a copy over at Hot Wax.

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