Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Bent Spoon Duo - Fossils of Slumber (2009)

Here's more territory that we REALLY should have poked into earlier. Chris Dadge and his Bug Incision have been a staple of the local improv/experimental music scene for a helluva long time, and we haven't featured much of the related cassette output simply because of the sheer overwhelming volume of it. So, having this tape from Kevin Stebner is a bit of gift that way, in terms of forcing our hand.

We're also really excited to discover the Cassette Gods blog, not just because of their name/area of focus, but because of their great review of this tape, which describes it as "a great junk-clatter act." With Dadge and Scott Munro on percussion, random stringed instruments, and some electronics, it's a pretty great record of two great players.

This tape is out of print, but Dadge has made a cdr/download available through the Bug Incision bandcamp.

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