Thursday 7 March 2019

Melted Mirror - Past Life (2019)

After suffering a much-delayed vinyl release for their sophmore release, we're very pleased that Melted Mirror have done the right thing and gone for a cassette release for album #3. Mostly because it gives us an excuse to gush about this thing. Oh, what a thing it is.

The four plus years that Melted Mirror have been honing their sound has paid off, and working with Shout Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Out's Nik Kozub as producer is like a cherry on top. There's an incredible balance to this, with guitarist Jeebs Nabil's guitar complementing but never competing with the synth work of Cian Haley and Chris Zajko. This feels confident and comfortable, in a genre that tends to poseurs and, uh, cheese. And let's not overlook that cover art and packaging!

This is going to be on repeat for a while in the CCPS offices. Grab the download from the Melted Mirror bandcamp; you should be able to get copies of the tape around town.

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