Thursday 27 December 2018

Peter Moller and Randy Hutton - Ringside Maisie (1980)

Well, it's been a while, huh? Normally, we'd come up with an excuse, but... well, there just hasn't been a lot to post recently. Except this, which we had to go to Seattle to finally find a copy to call our own.

Ringside Maisie is (a) a 1941 film starring Ann Sothern and (b) an album of improvisational music featuring percussionist Peter Moller and acoustic guitarist Randy Hutton. Hutton is unknown to us, but we're quite familiar with Moller's works with the Rip Chords, Ten Foot Henry's and last year's collaboration with ex-Lucy Show (and former Calgarian) Mark Bandola. Unlike the sugary pop that colours Moller and Bandola's Sacrificial Leaves, Ringside Maisie is sparse and, uh, improvised.

Get your ringside seat here.

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